Friday, 21 August 2015

Garlic Bagels with Pickled Veggies - BP Challenge

Summer reminds me of long days and afternoon spent talking on skype back home. It reminds me of our each afternoon talking with ammi and papa. it reminds me of laughing and gossiping about our life and making plans about what to do on our next get together.  This summer when everyone was planning and enjoying back home, I was finding excuses to only call ammi for few minutes and check how she's doing. I was scared that I  will blurt out where is papa if I had long chats with her. And again our emotional breakdown will begin.  Each one of us is coping in his own way. Sometimes we cry, we laugh remembering him. Some days are too painful  when a memory flashes through. Each day passes but the pain is as fresh as ever feeling of loss. An emptiness that has settled. 

Garlic Bagels3

Monday, 10 August 2015

Dahi Vada

Few years back, on my visit to India my sister complained why does she gets hard center in the Dahi Vada though she follows the same procedure & method. I smiled & told her, I had gone through this phase too. My perfect spongy soft badas started coming hard with  ball like center.

 In India, I never had to worry but prepare the batter, mix, fry and soak in the curd and they are ready to eat.  But after coming to Dubai, I don't know what happened and vadas started hardening in the center. Maybe a climate change or there is something wrong with urad dal I use. I also  asked my sis in law whether she is having the same issue or is it me. Whether I was doing something wrong. But no we were following the same method & procedure.


Monday, 3 August 2015

Aish Al Saraya - Lebnani Bread Pudding

This pudding has been on the top most list of  my favorite cooled desserts. Easy to prepare. And such a succulent taste of natural rose water elevates the entire dessert. Leaving a lingering feel on your senses.

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